how to install metasploitable3 on virtualbox

 Mr robot
Asalamu alaikum guys Mr robot back again with new tutorial today i gonna show you  how to download and install Metasploitable3 on virtualbox.

Metasploitable 3 is another intentionally vulnerable virtual machine designed for practicing penetration testing and learning about security vulnerabilities. It is an updated version of Metasploitable 2 and is based on Windows Server 2008.

Metasploitable 3 provides a platform for security professionals and enthusiasts to simulate real-world scenarios and test various penetration testing tools, including the Metasploit Framework. The virtual machine includes intentionally configured vulnerabilities that allow users to practice exploiting and securing systems.

Install Metasploitable3 ova file on virtualbox

(1) Download Metasploitable3 ova file ️
Using this below Link
                     Download link

Open VirtualBox: Launch VirtualBox on your computer.

Import the OVA File:

Click on "File" in the VirtualBox menu and select "Import Appliance."
Choose the Metasploitable 3 OVA file you have downloaded.

Configure Settings:

Review the imported settings. Ensure that the allocated resources (such as RAM and CPU cores) meet your requirements.
Modify any necessary settings before finalizing the import.

Start the Virtual Machine:

Once imported, select the Metasploitable 3 virtual machine in VirtualBox.
Click the "Start" button to boot up the virtual machine.

Obtain IP Address:

After Metasploitable 3 has booted up, find its IP address within the virtual machine (using commands like ifconfig or ipconfig depending on the OS) to access it from your host machine.

Test Connectivity:

Confirm that you can establish connectivity to the Metasploitable 3 machine from your host machine by pinging it.

Explore and Practice:

Use the vulnerabilities intentionally configured within Metasploitable 3 to practice penetration testing and explore security concepts in a controlled environment.

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