how to hack pront camera of eny smartphone for educational

 Mr robot
Asalamu alaikum guys my name is Mr robot Ng hacker today I gonna show you how to hack pront camera of eny smartphone using cam-virus.

The notion of a "Cam Virus"
suggests that a link can be used to activate the front camera of a target's phone or PC webcam without their knowledge. While such threats exist, they are relatively rare, and most devices have security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to cameras. It is important to stay vigilant, keep devices updated, and exercise caution when clicking on unknown links to minimize any potential risks.

Tested on

  • Termux
  • Ubuntu
  • Kali-Linux
  • Arch
  • Fedora
  • Manjaro
How to install cam-virus

Firstly Clone The Repository...

$ git clone

Enter the directory

$ cd cam-virus

Run the tool

$ chmod +x *
$ ./


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