call bomber tutorial

 Mr robot
Asalamu alaikum guys my name is Mr robot Ng hacker today I will going to show you how to download and use call bomber

What is call bomber apk

A "Call Bomber APK" refers to a type of mobile application, often designed for Android smartphones, that can be used to flood someone's phone with a large number of phone calls in a short period. These applications are typically not legitimate and can be considered a form of harassment or cyberbullying when used to harass or annoy individuals without their consent.

How to download and use call bomber apk

Download call bomber apk

You can download and install call bomber apk using this below like


How to use call bomber apk 

1. Enter receiver's number

2 Enter how many times you
want t籀 give miss call.

3.Enter pause time between each
miss call.
4.Only change this if callperiod
is too small or too long.
Root is must, otherwise you will
have to cut the call manually.

App screenshot 

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