how to install nipe VPN on Linux computer

 Mr robot
Asalamu alaikum guys my name is Mr robot Ng hacker today I will going to show you how to install Nipe VPN on Linux computer
Step (1)
Follow me step by step

Open a terminal window and make sure your system is up-to-date by running:

$ sudo apt update 

Step (2)
Install Perl:
Nipe VPN is written in Perl, so you need to make sure Perl is installed on your system. Run:

$ sudo apt install perl

Step (3)
.Clone Nipe Repository:
Clone the Nipe repository from GitHub using Git. If you don't have Git installed, you can install it with:

$ sudo apt install git

Then clone the repository:
$ git clone

Change Directory:
Navigate into the Nipe directory:

$ cd nipe
Step (4)
Install Nipe:
Run the installer script as the superuser:

$ sudo cpan install Switch JSON
$ sudo perl install
$ sudo cpan install Try::Tiny Config::Simple JSON LWP::UserAgent
$ sudo cpan install .

Step (5)
Start Nipe:
Start Nipe with the following command:

$ sudo nipe start
$ sudo nipe stop

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