how to install Hausahackers-tool penetration testing framework on Termux android

 Mr robot

Am asalamu alaikum guys my name is Mr robot Ng hacker today I will going to show you how to install Hausahackers-tool penetration testing framework on Termux for educational 

      <<<{ Tool author: abubakar eo }>>>

   <<<{What is Hausahackers-tool}>>>

Hausahackers-tool is a Penetration Testing Framework intended for all hackers, pentesters, bug hunters and those that wants to get involved in pentesting and cybersecurity area. It’s simple tool, created for everyone who need help for daily pentesting tasks, such as information gathering (Whois, DNS Lookup, Reverse DNS Lookup, etc), vulnerability analysis, etc. 

Hausahackers-tool: A Penetration Testing Framework created for Hackers
This penetration testing tool is tested on Termux and Kali Linux, but should work on any Linux distro and OS X.


[01] Information Gathering
   [02] Vulnerability Analysis
   [03] Web Hacking
   [04] Database Assessment
   [05] Password Attacks
   [06] Wireless Attacks
   [07] Reverse Engineering
   [08] Exploitation Tools
   [09] Sniffing and Spoofing
   [10] Reporting Tools
   [11] Forensic Tools
   [12] Stress Testing
   [13] Install Linux Distro
   [14] Termux Utility
   [15] Shell Function [.bashrc]
   [16] Install CLI Games
   [17] Malware Analysis
   [18] Compiler/Interpreter
   [19] Social Engineering Tools

   [99] Update the Hausahackers-tool
   [00] Exit the Hausahackers-tool

Hausahackers >>>


$ pkg upgrade && pkg update 

$ pkg install python git

$ git clone

$ cd Hausahackers-tool 

$ python

   代ow you have finished install this

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