how to install killshot best hacking tool

 Mr robot
Am asalamu alaikum guys my name is Mr robot Ng hacker today I will going to show you how to install killshot

You Can use this tool to Spider your website and get important information and gather information

Menu Site

{0} Spider 
{1} Web technologie 
{2} WebApp Vul Scanner 
{3} Port Scanner 
{4} CMS Scanner 
{5} Fuzzers 
{6} Cms Exploit Scanner 
{7} Backdoor Generation 
{8} Linux Log Clear

♻️ WebApp Vul Scanner

{1} Xss scanner 
{2} Sql Scanner 
{3} Tomcat RCE

♻️ Port Scanner

0 Nmap Scan 
1 Unicorn Scan Nmap Scan 
2 Nmap Os Scan 
3 Nmap TCP Scan 
4 Nmap UDB Scan 
5 Nmap All scan 
6 Nmap Http Option Scan 
7 Nmap Live target In Network Unicorn Scan 8 Services OS 
9 TCP SYN Scan on a whole network 
10 UDP scan on the whole network

Installation Linux 

apt update && apt upgrade

pkg install ruby

git clone

cd killshot

ruby setup.rb

ruby Killshot.rb

⚠️ (if setup show any error just try to install the gems/tool manual ) ⚠️

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