how to hack Facebook Instagram Whatsapp using android phone 📱

🤖 Mr robot 🤖
Am asalamu alaikum guys my name is Mr robot Ng hacker today I will going to show you how to hack Facebook Instagram Whatsapp using android phone 🤳 for educational

Open your browser  and search (

<<<Step (2)>>>
(Create account) click sign up now to create a new account

<<<Step (3)>>>
after you finished go to login page and enter username and password and hit enter this will be direct you in to the site 

Now you have finished create account (scroll down to see different phishing page). I will try to hack (Facebook account)
You can choose your favorite phishing page but me i will use Facebook home. to hack Facebook simple click (En or AR FR IL) to generate a phishing page you will see  screenshot below 

<<<Step (4)>>>
You will see on top I have Facebook fake login page. Copy page (URL) and send over into the victim machine  

<<<Step (5)>>>
now go back to your account you will see Bell icon on top if Bell icon shows you (zero) your victim not login. if your victim login you can see (one) like this

Click bell icon to see victim login details

Wow 😲 we have successfully hacked Facebook account 

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