how to hack android devices with adb android debugging bridge for educational

 Mr robot
Am asalamu alaikum guys my name is Mr robot Ng hacker today I will go to show you how to hack android devices with adb android debugging bridge for educational 

Step (1)

What is adb?

(ADB) Android Debug Bridge is a tool used by cyber attackers to communicate with an Android device from a computer. It allows for the transfer of files, installation of apps, and debugging of the device. 

hackers can use ADB to exploit vulnerabilities in Android devices, such outdated software, weak passwords, or unsecured network connections.

examples of potential attacks using ADB include:

(1) Remote Access
(2) Malware Injection
(3) Brute-Force Attacks

Step (2)


Install ADB tool on Linux computer 

To install ADB tools on Linux systems is pretty straightforward. Execute any of the commands below depending on your Linux distro.

Install on:
Debian/ Ubuntu-based distributions

$ sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb
$ sudo apt install adb

Install on:
RHEL/ CentOS/ Fedora
To install ADB on any RHEL-based distribution, execute the command below.

$ sudo dnf install adb

For us to connect to the Android device, the USB debugging has to be enabled from the Developer options. You can find this option under the Settings -> System -> Developer Options -> Debugging section.

Connecting using USB cable

Once you have enabled that, you can connect your devices to your computer with a USB cable. If you did the above steps correctly, you should get a popup like this.

you can head over to your terminal and issue this command to see if your device is visible.

(adb devices)

As you can see, my device is available to connect, if not you will see “offline” instead of “device”. Now I can interact with it.

use (adb shell) to get reverse shell 

I have shell access to my android phone now you will see my device tecno CD7.Since my device is not rooted I can’t access the root user. But if your device is rooted, you can use su to get to the root user.

    Connecting over WiFi network

Once you have connected to the device if you want you can connect to the devices over WiFi. For that use :

 (adb tcpip 9090)

After you issue this command the device will start a listener on the port you specify, in this case port 9090. Then you have to find the IP address of the device. Then you can connect to the device on that port.

adb connect  (ip address):9090

adb connect

you see you can connect to the android device over WiFi without usb cable 

        Basic commands in ADB

Well, you might be thinking (Dude, we have shell access to the devices, what more is there to do?). Actually, there is. There are lot things you can do such as getting screenshots, recording the screen, sending keyboard strokes and invoking applications,install applications, uninstall applications, upload files, download files, and many more.

Install custom APK files
adb install <paht to APK file>

Getting system information

Visiting websites
adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d <URL of the

Uploading files
adb push <source file path> <destination file path>

Downloading files
adb pull <source file path> <destination file path>

Recording the screen
adb shell screenrecord <path to save>

Getting screenshots
adb shell screencap <path to save>

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